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First-of-a-kind Loyalty, Reward & Engagement

Omni-Channel | Data-driven | End-to-End

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Business Growth

Easy, Connected & Omnichannel Loyalty Program

Introduce digital transformation through Cloud based Retail CRM and Omnichannel Loyalty Platform. Increase Customer Retention and Brand value through Cashback based Loyalty Program, Referral Campaign and Multi-channel Engagement.
Tailor-made Loyalty management solution based on Customer's buying pattern, activity and Business requirement.

Customer Experience

Aggregated access, CASHBACK reward & Shopping assistance

Web and Mobile App based access for Hassle free Reward and Redemption schemes. Access for Customers to engage, refer and explore benefits from their favorite brands.

Success Stories

BHIMA Jewels

Leading Jewellers in India since 1925

Next-gen Shopping assistance and CRM solution for high scale business transaction and seamless Customer experience.

Entertainment Store

No. 1 Merchandise store in India

Omnichannel solution integrated with Offline POS (RetailPro) and ECOM (Shopify). Increased engagement through Referral and aggregated Customer access

AOMI (Apple of My I)

The Big Little Store for Happy Kids 0-10 years

Seamless migration to Slingloft from their previous Loyalty vendor with better Customer Engagement and Omni-channel presence.

Welcome to next-gen Customer Loyalty Program!

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  Omni-channel CRM

Amazon (AWS) Cloud based next-gen Retail CRM, Lead management & Customer Engagement Program for both Offline and Online Stores. Capture customer journey, engage and gratify. Secure, Easy & Affordable


  Loyalty Program

Data-driven Loyalty Program based on Customer Segments, Tier, SKU, Activities and Buying pattern. Gratify your Customer with wide range of Cashback based Reward schemes- Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Coupon, External Voucher (PayTM, Amazon).

  Customer Access

Mobile and Web App for Customer to access membership details from different Brands. Easy to use whitelabel Membership App for tracking Reward balance, Reminder, sharing Referral, Feedback, fixing Appointment, Opt-in/out and more

  Shopping Assistance

Integrated Shopping assistance tools like Appointment Shopping, NPS Feedback, Sentiment analysis, Order Tracking, Reminder to enrich Customer experience and simplify Business operation.

  Referral Program

Increase Sale through Customer (word-of-mouth marketing) referral program. Fully automated two-way reward distribution. Hassle free multi-channel Referral through Whatsapp and Social network.

  Analytics, Data-driven

Best of class Sale and SKU (Item) Analytics for Up-Selling, Cross-selling and Automated Marketing Campaigns using CRM. Leverage Buying Pattern to increase Basket Size

  Promotion Campaign

Connect and build relation with Customers through Automated, Workflow and Activity based multilingual Campaigns. Range of marketing campaign options to increase Sale, Engagement and reduce Churn or Lapse

  Micro Site

Promotional Loyalty micro-site for digital presence and campaigns. Easy to use CMS (Content Management System) facility to manage branding, banners, product catalogue and business details


Customization as per Business requirement. Stand-out from the crowd with personalized reward, engagement and shopping assistance system for your Brand (EBO & MBO). Contact us for FREE Consultation

All-In-One Connector & API access

Omni-channel integration for seamless operation

Offline Store

Connector for 20+ POS, ERP
Retail Pro Gofrugal Shoper9 Tally ERP

Online Store

Plug-in for ECOM Platforms
Shopify Magento WooCommerce

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Contact Us

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  Slingloft Technologies Pvt Ltd

AWFIS, 2nd Floor, A Block, Dayananda Sagar University, Hosur Rd, Kudlu Gate, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560068

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Slingloft is "first-of-a-kind" and Best SAAS platform company in India for Customer Loyalty, Engagement, Referral Program and Co-branding. We work with retailers and brands of different size and category to design the perfect Customer engagement and reward program.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between Brands and Customers to improve Experience at both Online and Offline stores. Helping Retailers drive Customer Retention, Customer Engagement and Customer Acquisition through our next-gen Loyalty Management System and Reward Schemes.

Making Customer Loyalty, Engagement and Reward Program - Simple, Transparent & Accessible!

We are supported by Angel Investors. To know more about us, say Hello (hello@slingloft.com) and join us for a revolution.
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