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3rd floor, Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield Main Road Hoodi, Thigalarapalya, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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  About Us

Entertainment Store is the ultimate fan store for merchandise in India. Entertainment Store celebrates the love of movies, TV shows, comics, Collectibles, Video Games, T-shirts, Bags, Posters, music & gaming. From Superman to The Godfather and Tintin to Chhota Bheem, we are the destinations for kids and adults alike. Associate with the characters you love & shop all the related merchandise! Plus, discover new products everyday!

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5% Cashback on every purchase. Rewards can be redeemed from next day and upto 20% of Bill. T&C Apply.

Redemption T&C

Reward from Entertainment Store

What is this
Exclusive or Universal Cashback from this business.
Redemption Clause
Limit on Bill: 20.0%.
Reward from Others

What is this
Universal Cashback from Others.
Redemption Clause
Limit on Bill: 10.0%.

  • Cashback CAN NOT be converted to Cash or transferred to Bank
  • Exclusive Cashback can be redeemed at Outlets of this business
  • Universal Cashback can be redeemed at any Partnering outlet
  • Merchants are solely responsible for deciding type of Cashback and Redemption clause (Discount).