Arhant Fabs Commercial Street

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Commercial Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Arhant Fabs specialized in all kinds of fancy/designer fabrics, ideal for designers and boutiques. A complete house of designer fabrics for Lehenga, Fancy suit fabric & Ladies cotton kurtis.

Loyalty Program
Get 5% Flat Cashback on every purchase. Reward can not be redeemed on the same day and need to maintain min Rs. 100 balance. T&C Apply.

Redemption T&C

Reward from Arhant Fabs

What is this
Exclusive or Universal Cashback from this business.
Redemption Clause
Need to maintain balance: Rs. 100.0. Limit on Bill: 10.0%.
Reward from Others

What is this
Universal Cashback from Others.
Redemption Clause
Limit on Bill: 5.0%.

  • Cashback CAN NOT be converted to Cash or transferred to Bank
  • Exclusive Cashback can be redeemed at Outlets of this business
  • Universal Cashback can be redeemed at any Partnering outlet
  • Merchants are solely responsible for deciding type of Cashback and Redemption clause (Discount).

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