Green Apple Jayanagar

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43, 11th Main Rd, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar., Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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GreenApple is a chain of pharmacies from Bangalore which has its core expertise in offering pharmacy solutions within the healthcare setup and whole array of standalone pharmacy retail outlets. Greenapple Network including several operating outlets in various hospital centres across Karnataka.

Loyalty Program
Get 2% Flat Cashback on every purchase. Rewards can be redeemed from next Day and within expiry date. T&C Apply.

Redemption T&C

Reward from Green Apple

What is this
Exclusive or Universal Cashback from this business.
Redemption Clause
No Limit. Redeem reward from next day.
Reward from Others

What is this
Universal Cashback from Others.
Redemption Clause
Limit on Bill: 5.0%.

  • Cashback CAN NOT be converted to Cash or transferred to Bank
  • Exclusive Cashback can be redeemed at Outlets of this business
  • Universal Cashback can be redeemed at any Partnering outlet
  • Merchants are solely responsible for deciding type of Cashback and Redemption clause (Discount).

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